I would like to thank my family and friends for all the encouragement and
loving support during my many years on the road and in the studios. My
professional musical career started at the tender age of 14, where I had the
pleasure of studying with one of the most influential and inspiring drum
teachers in New York city, Jim Blackely. On top of my studies I have had the
pleasure of sharing stage and studio time with great musicians such as;
Dizzy Gillespie, Joe Williams, Art Farmer, Zoot Simms, Pepper Adams, Phil
Woods, Sam Noto, Phil Nimmons, Ed Bickert, Doug Reilly, Rob McConnell,
Lenny Breu & Moe Koffman. Producing and recording this album was a great
challenge. My children have truly been a blessing and a great inspiration in
my life and I wanted to open my heart and creative side and produce an album
that would showcase all of my musical and life experiences. I would perform
the drum tracks first hearing the musical arrangements in my head and then I
would play the instrumentation on my keyboards, layering the various tracks.
It was truly an incredible experience.

I wish to thank Doron Zor for his un-relentless desire for being the best he can
be and his outstanding creative talents as an engineer & fellow musician.

All music played, arranged, produced and recorded by – Howie Silverman.
Special guest on No More Moe – Doron Zor on guitar
Mix and Mastering engineer – Doron Zor of BigBangStudio.ca

A few years ago I installed a Pro-tools recording system in my
music studio. The more I learned how to use
the equipment the more  I  wrote and arranged
my own compositions. After numerous recordings
and experimenting with layering various
instrumentation I decided to create a solo album .
I heard the music in a way I haven’t explored very often.
I recorded the drum tracks first having the format of the
composition in my mind. I could hear the various
orchestrations & amp; instrumentation .
I really had a blast putting it all together.
It was a great experience. I learned a tremendous amount
during the process. I am currently working on the music
for my next album which will be more of a collaboration
with other musicians. I will be teaming up once again with
Doron Zor of Big Bang studio and take advantage of a fully
live recording.